Frequently Asked Questions

Profile & Account Settings

Editing Profile

Please note that your age, gender, and role are the only pieces of information that you cannot change after creating an account. Be careful to input the right information.

In the event that you need to change your age, you would have to delete or create a new account. Once you delete an account, you'll permanently lose all messages, favorites/favorited, views, and other information associated with your account. Reach out to us if you need to change your gender and role.

Open your account. Click the menu icon (three-line icon) at the top left of the screen. Below your profile photo, click on Edit Profile.

Managing your notifications

You can manage your push and email notifications on settings on your app or web.

Open your app. Click the menu icon (three-line icon) at the top left of the screen, followed by Settings and Notifications.

Public and private photo guidelines

When uploading a photo, please follow our guidelines below. Photos that violate the guidelines will be denied and your account may be suspended.

  • Full frontal features must be clearly visible in your photos.
  • Standard quality for acceptable photos.
  • Coloured photos with minimal filters are acceptable.
  • Photos must NOT be taken from any influencers/celebrities/models or any other individual that is not yourself.
  • Selfies, half and full body photos are best to show off your appearance.
  • Photos where you wear sunglasses will only be accepted if you have uploaded other photos that show your full frontal features.
  • Tinted prescription glasses may be worn as long as the eyes are clearly visible.
  • Excessive filters, low quality/pixelated photos older than 5 years are not allowed.
  • No group photos.
  • No photos of children and/or pets. Photos with pets will only be allowed if your full frontal features are visible.
  • No nudity.
  • False hairpieces or other cosmetic devices are acceptable if they do not disguise the natural appearance of the wearer.
  • No duplicate photos, photos cannot contain text or cartoons.

I'm an attractive partner that's in college. How do I receive a free Premium membership?

To be upgraded to a Premium College account, you must change your email to your university email. Usually, these emails end with .edu.

To change the email address associated with your account, log in to account and proceed to Settings followed by Change Email.

If your University email address ends in something other than .edu and does not automatically upgrade to Premium account, please contact us with your university email address so we can check if your university email address qualifies for the upgrade.

Check your university email inbox for the account activation email. It may be in your spam/junk folder.

Note: Please refer to your University's policy regarding the use of their email system as they may have specific usage restrictions and consequences.

I'm an Attractive Partner. Do you have any tips or advice for finding a Male Partner?

Finding the right partner for you is a process that probably won’t happen overnight, but if you’re willing to put in some time and have patience, we’re confident that you’ll eventually find the right person for you.

Please keep in mind that the more you log in, the more detailed your profile is, and the more photos you have, the more views, favorites, and responses you will receive. Update your profile with more information about yourself andthe relationship you’re looking for, uploading more photos and messaging more members. Be more pro-active in your search by breaking the ice with as many members as you can.

Deactivating your account

Open your app. Click the menu icon (three-line icon) at the top left of the screen. Click on Settings, and Deactivate Account. You will be prompted for the reason why you want to deactivate your account.

Restore deleted account

If you have permanently deleted your Sugarbook account, you cannot restore your account. You will need to create a new account.

Account got Suspended

If your account was suspended, a hold was placed due to suspicious account activity. Your profile and photos will be saved, but you will not be able to use the site, and other users will not be able to view your profile. Messages sent to your account will be received, but cannot be accessed unless the suspension is fully reviewed and granted by Customer Support. Reasons for account suspension can include:

  • Reports by other users about your profile or conduct
  • Abusive, vulgar, or explicit language
  • Asking for money upfront or in advance of your date
  • Using our site as a means to escorting - Using our site to promote, solicit, or engage in prostitution
  • Promoting or advertising a business - Selling pictures, videos, or cam sessions
  • Soliciting passwords, bank information, or other personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other users
  • Posting any false, misleading, or inaccurate content about yourself and/or your profile - Having multiple active accounts
  • Creating a profile if you are under the age of 18
  • Posting or sending material that exploits people under the age of 18 in a sexual or violent manner, and/or soliciting personal information from anyone under 18
  • You have disputed a payment

Note: We reserve the right to suspend accounts for reasons outlined in our terms and conditions.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you need to restore your account.

Restore deleted message

Woops! Unfortunately, the option to restore messages is not available.

Can't message others

In order to message others, you need a public photo and a completed and approved profile.

Open your Sugarbook app. Tap the menu icon (three-line icon) at the top left of the screen followed by Edit Profile. Ensure that your Basic Information, Location, Appearance, Personal Information, and Description, as well as Photos, are filled out.

Proof of Identity after profile got disapproved

All we need from you is:

  1. Photo or scanned copy of your government-issued photo ID
  2. A selfie of your front facial
  3. Your email address registered in Sugarbook and send it to us.


Can I change my gender/role?

If you've signed up for the wrong gender/role, send us an email and let us know your preferred gender/role.

How do I block or unblock someone?

Open your app. On a user's profile, tap on the three dots icon at the top right and Block User. Blocking the user will prevent them from communicating with you and from seeing your profile.

To unblock, go to the menu icon, simply tap on Settings, Blocked Members, and Unblock.

Profile complete but cannot receive message

You will not able to receive or send messages if you have not verified your Sugarbook email address.

If you are a Free or Premium member but have yet to verify your email, your profile will not be approved, and so, is not visible to other users.

My search function is not working

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some trouble. It would be really helpful if you could kindly refresh your page. If you're still facing the same problem after refreshing your page, please reach out to us.

I'm seeing the same gender

There's a possibility that you chose the wrong gender at sign-up! It's ok, that's why we're here to help. Reach out to us, explaining what needs to be resolved.

Update email and password

Update Password
If you wish to update your password, open either the app or web version and head to the login page. Once you have logged in, tap on Settings and Password. Proceed to update your Password.

Update Email
If you wish to update your email, head to the login page. Tap on Settings and Email. Proceed to update your Email. You will need to enter the verification code you'll receive in your new email address.

If the problem persists, let us know! Get in touch with us and describe your issue in as much detail as possible, so we can look into things.

How can I search a user by location?

Open your Sugarbook app. Click the menu icon (three-line icon) at the top left of the screen. Click on Search followed by the filter icon at the top left of the screen. Enter your desired location in the Location input field.

How do I change my language preferences?

The language on your profile depends on the language of your phone. You may change your language preferences on your phone's settings.

How do I change my location?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change your location for you. Android users, however, can reset your location on the app with the steps below:

  1. Close the Sugarbook app.
  2. Long press on the Sugarbook app and tap App Info.
  3. Tap on Storage and Clear Storage.

After tapping Clear Storage, you will have to log in to the app again.

Billing and Payment

I did not receive an email confirmation after subscribing to Premium Membership

Check your email for a payment confirmation. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder! If you need assistance regarding your membership, please reach out to us.

Account not upgraded after payment made

There could be several reasons why your account was not automatically upgraded upon payment.

  • Online payment is processed through various merchants which could be based in another country. Please allow 15 minutes in order for your account to be upgraded.
  • Reach out to us and provide your payment/order receipt in order for us to verify your payment.
  • Your receipts can always be found in the email used for payment. Failure to provide receipts may delay the payment verification process.

You can restore purchase from your phone via the Restore Purchase button. To access this feature:

  1. Login to Sugarbook App with your account.
  2. Go to 'Menu' and select 'Settings'.
  3. Click on the Restore Purchase button.

If you are still unable to restore purchase, please provide your GPA number to us and we will assist you accordingly.

Do you offer refunds on memberships?

As per our Terms, we do not offer refunds on memberships.

Cancel a recurring payment

Follow these steps for cancellation:

  1. Open your Google Play Store app
  2. Using the left-hand menu, select Account
  3. Go to Subscriptions and select Sugarbook
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription

You should be able to see the end date of your subscription on this screen. For more details, visit this Android Support Article.

Will I still get charged from subscripion even if I deactivate my account?

If you have an active subscription, you will need to cancel the subscription with Google Play to prevent future billing, even after you have deactivated your Sugarbook account.

Please note that deactivating an account will not stop an active subscription. Below are the attachments that we notified the user before deactivation.

You may go to your Google Play Store on your mobile > go to payments & subscription > subscriptions > cancel subscriptions.

How long before should I cancel my subscrption so I do not get re-billed?

You will need to cancel your subscription 1 week before your renewal/recurring payment date.

Canceling your subscription on the day of the renewal will cause you to be charged accordingly. Sugarbook will not be able to refund you.

"For example, if your next renewal is 14 February 2021, you will need to cancel your subscription before 7 February 2021."

If you need further assistance canceling your subscription, please reach out to us at [email protected]

If I deactivate my account, will my premium membership period be placed on hold?

No, deactivating your account will not put a hold on your Premium Membership.

Membership packages expire exactly the specified number of days later from the initial purchase date, regardless of your account status.

Note: All membership purchases are reflected in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) dates and time.

Payment decline when attempting to subscribe

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your purchase!

There could be reasons for payment declined:

  1. Incorrect information
  2. Insufficient cash in credit card or prepaid card
  3. Credit card or prepaid card used must permit international transactions
  4. Too many attempts

If you haven’t already, make sure that you’re using the latest version of Sugarbook available in the Google Play Store and try again. If the issue persists, please reach out to us.

Duplicate or incorrect charges

If you notice that you were charged double or wrongly, please contact our customer support by providing the following:

  • Payment receipt (can be found in your email)
  • We do not accept SMS/bank statement screenshots

Your registered email address in Sugarbook if you subscribed using direct credit card payment option:

  • Contact your payment provider to cancel your subscription; or
  • Reach out to us at [email protected] with your registered email address

Charged again after cancelling a subscription

If you subscribed using your Google Play Store account:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone
  2. Check that you're signed in to the correct Google Account
  3. Tap the menu icon (three-line icon) at the top left of the screen, and then tap on Subscriptions
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel
  5. Tap on Manage and Cancel Subscription

Note: After canceling your subscription, you will be able to use your Premium Subscription for the remaining days that you have already paid for. Canceling your subscription will not retroactively refund subscription payments, and previously charged subscription fees cannot be prorated based on the cancellation date. Deleting the app does not cancel your subscription

Premium & Verified Badge Features

Premium feature

Being a premium member gives you these fun little benefits!

Unlimited Messages
With over 1 million members across 90 countries, you'll get unlimited messages to chat to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

5x More Profile Views
Get featured on the dashboard and increase your profile engagement.

Instant Profile Approvals
Thousands of profiles get moderated every day. And time is of the essence – Skip the queue, get your profile approved first and be ahead of everyone

Read Receipts
No one likes being ghosted. Instead of wandering in the dark, unlock read receipts to see if the user has read your message.

See Who Has A Crush On You
Step 1, see who likes you.
Step 2, text and agree on terms.
Step 3, meet.

Complete access to Terms of Relationship™
Get your profile featured and receive more attention
Hide your online status, join date, and last login country
Read and send unlimited messages
Jump the queue and get approved instantly!
Unlock Premium badges on Successful Men
Premium members receive more attention when they get their profiles featured

Verified badge feature

The verified badge feature is a blue tick that appears next to a user's name in the search engine as well as the profile. This means that the team at Sugarbook has confirmed that the user is an authentic reflection of the person it claims to represent.

Verifies identity. Increases profile views. Validates good intentions.

With the verified badge feature, you will:

Get more profile views:
Increase your profile views by showing other members that your identity is authentic and that you're serious.
Ensure member's safety:
Verified members are trustworthy and viewed as safer companions to meet IRL.
Straight to business:
Verified profiles are more likely to skip small talk between members.

Safety, Security & Privacy

Report a member violation

Click the three dots at the below right of the screen of the user's profile and select Report User. Select the reason that best suits why you are reporting the user, and provide a clear, specific description of the violation in the box below.

Someone is impersonating me

If someone has created a Sugarbook account using your photos and other personal information, please contact us at [email protected] and include the following information:

  • The reason for the report
  • A screenshot of the user's profile on Sugarbook (with pictures)

Reporting a phishing scam in my email or Sugarbook account

Please report all phishing emails and accounts by clicking on the Report User button. If you have information of which user sent you such scams, please write to us from the email associated with your Sugarbook account along with any important details that will help us take action.

I think my account has been compromised

If you notice suspicious activity on your account - such as messages you didn't send or photos you didn't upload - here are some things you can do to ensure your account is secure.

Facebook login

If you think someone has obtained unauthorized access to your Facebook account, visit Facebook's Help Center for immediate and direct support.

Need more help?

Email us and describe your situation with as much detail as possible. We strongly advise that you do not share your email or password with anyone.

Will a member I blocked be able to view my profile?

Once you have blocked a user, they will no longer be able to see your profile and send you messages.